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The Raiffeisen Year 2018: With the Raiffeisen-Truck through Germany

On the occasion of the Raiffeisen Year 2018, many municipalities and cities in Germany have realised numerous great ideas to spread the life of the cooperative founding father and his thoughts into the world. One of these ideas originated in Weyerbusch itself, a small but decisive town for Raiffeisen’s path of life and his cooperative notions. Together, companies located in Weyerbusch as well as its citizens have launched the Raiffeisenliner. Under the heading “From the Westerwald into the World”, a truck belonging to a local transport company has been printed for matching the “200 years of Raiffeisen” celebrations and now travels across Germany. The Raiffeisen-Truck shows the “Historical path of life of Raiffeisen” as well as the stations of Raiffeisen during his lifetime. Of course, a special focus is placed on the town Weyerbusch itself, where Raiffeisen has been mayor and where he has developed his most important cooperative ideas. These cooperative messages and Raiffeisen’s career of the cooperative foundation is now visible on the roads of Germany and also online (

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