Legacoop Puglia

Legacoop is an association recognized by Decree of the Ministry of Labour of Italy, which works for the promotion of co-operation and mutuality. Legacoop Puglia represents about 500 cooperative enterprises, operating in various sectors of activities (agriculture, traditional and nd mutuality.

It has functions of representation of the associated cooperatives, it promote the development of cooperation and mutual aid and the relationships between members of the cooperatives, and to facilitate the dissemination of the principles and values of the cooperative and the cooperative startup between young and unemployed people. Furthermore, it is proposed to:

  • Encourage the development of the enterprises and their economic relations and solidarity;
  • Develope, promote and support appropriate legislatives reforms; intervening in all instances of the European Union, the State, the Regions and Local Authorities, in which indent matters concerning the cooperation, designating their representatives;
  • Promote, coordinate and develope the activity of study, research and cooperative education;
  • Provide information and training, technical and organizational support in relation to the creation of new cooperative enterprises;
  • Give advice on fiscal, administrative and labor level;
  •  Support cooperatives for projects and cross-sectoral and international initiatives.

Co-operative College

Founded in 1919, the Co-operative College is a unique educational institution focused on providing world class information, guidance, learning programmes and research to support the development of successful and diverse co-operative and mutual organisations. Commitment to education is one of the founding principles of the co-operative movement and, as an educational charity, the College reflects that in its mission: “Putting education at the heart of co-operation and co-operation at the heart of education”.

The College has five key areas of work: Developing members and managers,Working with co-operatives globally, Learning from our heritage.,  Researching co-operatives, Working with schools and young people.

DGRV German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Confederation


The DGRV – German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Confederation – reg. assoc.) is both the apex and auditing association of the German cooperative organisation. The cooperative link-up group is by far the largest economic organisation in Germany in terms of members, with over 20 million members. Of these, 3.8 million are members of housing cooperatives which are not organised under the umbrella of the DGRV.

The Confederation’s purpose is to promote and represent the mutual interests of its members and their affiliated cooperative institutions. As a legally registered auditing association, the DGRV can carry out all audits of its regional and national centres, special institutes and federations.  The DGRV represents the concerns of all cooperative sectors in matters of economy, law and tax policy, and advises the organisation on questions of management organisation and data processing. As a cooperating partner of other institutions at home and abroad, it promotes cooperative development primarily in third world countries, but also in central and eastern Europe. The DGRV is a member of various international organisations.

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