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Make way for the Young European Cooperators! The Assembly of YECN was held in Italy

Last December 2017, the young cooperators from every European country have come together in Assembly to develop challenges and opportunities for the cooperative movement. The Assembly was held in Bologna at FICO ( and it was attended by people from Italy, France, Spain, UK, Denmark, and Germany.

The work of Young Europeans Cooperators Networks -YECN- started in 2014 and since that time have been promoted some annual meetings in Paris, Bologna, Bruxelles, and Mondragon.During the morning every country has submitted its national experience and expertise, and during the afternoon session the cooperators took part in a workshop on keep the YECN growing and extending.

The international cooperative movement is a big network of 1 billion people in the world, that means 12% of the employers. In this perspective, the networks cannot have national borders anymore, and the young people want to look at Europe as an active citizenship area. For this reason, it’s important for the young cooperators to develop a European network such a place where learn and swap information, policies, and strategies.

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