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DGRV short-term experts in Turkey

Is it more suitable to improve the existing cooperative law or to set up a completely new one? This question currently concerns the Turkish cooperative sector. On the occasion of the international cooperative fair “Uluslararası Kooperatifler Fuarı”, which took place from 7 to 10 December in Ankara, short-term experts from Germany contributed their experiences to the discussion.  The exchange took place as part of a German-Turkish federation cooperation, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. The DGRV project aims to enable agricultural cooperative societies to offer better services to their member cooperatives. The goal: The small-scale family farms in Turkish agriculture should be supported by their cooperatives in a sustainable way.
The project measures range from continuing education programmes to practical instruments such as standardized milk purchasing agreements as well as to the bundling of interest representation by the federations. Especially in the Turkish government’s intended revision of the Cooperative Act, they have joined together. An essential point is the introduction of mandatory cooperative audits conducted by the federations.
Another important topic is the cooperative energy transition. Mr Jürgen Schenzel, board of directors’ member of the Raiffeisenbank Lorup, presented the wind energy projects of the cooperative bank. The agricultural cooperatives in Turkey want to profit economically from the energy turnaround as well. Yet, the legal framework conditions have to be appropriate.

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