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3D-4Uman: a cooperative start up at the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2017

The 3D-4Uman Co-operative of Catanzaro (Calabria, in the south of Italy), one of the winners of the Coopstartup Calabria call, is one of the two subjects selected by the National Committeee of the Ministry of Economic Development to represent Italy at the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2017 of the European Commission, in Tallinn (Estonia) on 22-24 November.

Legacoop and Coopfond, the mutual fund for the promotion and development, and the creator and promoter of the Coopstartup project, expressed their satisfaction for this important success.

3D-4UMAN of Catanzaro, consisting of 4 members (an architect, a biomechanical engineer, a biomedical engineer and a graduate in architecture), is based on 3D technology evolution from 3D design to digital information transformation.

It wants to operate in different areas ranging from healthcare to architecture and design with the production of custom prototypes and plastic planks printed in 3D.

The starting point of the business is a personalized footbed (printed in 3D) designed to meet the needs of athletes involved in potentially traumatic physical activity for which adequate plantar support is required.. A focused and in-person personal study will produce a personalized prototype to such an extent as to prevent and alleviate any need or problem of a motor nature, avoiding compensation mechanisms that degenerate into postural problems. The function of the product is to satisfy / compensate the morpho-physical characteristics of the foot, taking into account not only biomechanical parameters such as height and weight of the person, but also the characteristics of the sport and the role played.

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